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Saints marching in to over 60s

Ossie Park will be well represented at the Over 60's Side Series to be held in South Australia later this year.

Garry Caffell, and Steve O'Neil will no doubt skip their respective rinks with the fire and tenacity that helped get their Premier league pennant sides into the Grand Final last season. Gordon "Kingy" King and General (aka Grant Nicol) will do what they do best and lead the way for their respective rinks. It was certainly a pleasure watching those two set the heads up for their pennant rinks last season. And no doubt Pat Caffell will perform strongly in a thirds spot for his rink, proving he is full of fight over the past year.

All are gentlemen of this game we play and OPBC wish you and the rest of the WA side all the best!

Photo courtesy of BowlsWA

The boys will line up for WA on October 16-19 in Copper Coast, South Australia.

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