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Saints gear up for season opener

The traditional season opener kicks off this weekend with the men starting their campaign in the Mt Lawley Consistency Singles on Saturday 9 September.

Ossie Park is represented well as usual with nine entrants spread across three start days.

Hollywood kicks off against Warren Fairjones from Quinns on Saturday morning, while John Goddard will take on Elliot Brennen from Basso.

Sunday’s games see Cavey, who possibly drew the short straw, take on Scott Walker from South Perth who has been popping up here, there and everywhere in the off-season. However, that won’t deter the Caveman, he’ll be putting down some good rocks I’m sure. (Yes, bad puns…I know).

Pacman takes on David Park from Swan in the mid-morning match. Code is in some good form following his qualification into the Everest Tournament and the unashamedly bias other half in me would like to see him make the finals.

Finally, Rolly lines up against Ross Cunningham from Sorrento and Hugh Ward against Jim Barry from Cambridge.

The last of the OP men play Friday 15 September with Candy (aka Lewis Grigg) set to play Cliff Woolridge from Cambridge, Pat Caffel v Greg Reagan from South Perth and Colin Johnston take on Paul Davies from Leeming.


The OP chicky babes (I’m assuming none of them will take offense to that) were clearly more organised in their draw, managing to squeeze all seven representatives into the ladies first day of play, Tuesday 12 September.

Julie Savell will take on Lea Milas from Melville. Julie has been flittering about over east during the off-season and has been in the money in the east coast tournaments.

New OP recruit, Shann Saunders takes on Shirley Johnston from Vic Park. Shann is a previous winner of this event and will be keen to impress in her new colours. Amanda Masters has also joined the Saints this season and will play Val Still from her previous stomping ground at Manning.

Hails (that just seems weird) will play Irene Kozak from Port Bouvard and Brook-e-Chook is up against Monica H from Mosman Park.

The ladies short straw award is a tied affair with Jaewyn set to play Feathers from Mosman Park and Chooka scoring Shari Solly. After Julie-anne’s efforts in the OP Everest Qualifier to knock out the seasoned Stuart Bainbridge, it will be great to see her push her way through the field.

Go get ‘em Saints!!!

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