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Jack Attack is almost here!!

The ever popular Jack Attack social bowls format is making its way to Friday nights at Ossie Park this November!

It's the perfect way to get your friends and family together. In Jack Attack you can team up and challenge others in a relaxing, fun and music filled night. And its super cheap too, just $5 per player per night. Where else can you get that kind of deal?

All equipment is provided by the club, including the bowls, but if you have your own please feel free to bring them along. If you have never played bowls before there is no need to worry! There will be plenty of people around to help you along the way.

Games are approximately 60-75 minutes in duration. Each team requires a minimum of 3 players however you may have up to 6 people in a team. You may substitute your players during the game numerous times.

What do you wear? You may wear what you like as long as you are comfortable. Your team might decide on a team uniform! Reasonably flat soled shoes are required for protection of the greens - if you don't have suitable footwear you may go barefoot. We are child friendly so bring your little ones along or if they are over 13, put a bowl in their hand and let them play too. Bowls is such an awesome family sport!

Meals will be available from the Bistro each night and of course the bar will be open for beverages.

Ossie Park Jack Attack dates are: 3 November 10November 17 November 24 November

1 December

Check out the poster here See you on the green!

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