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A lot can happen in such short space of time

Its hard to believe we are already so far into the season. A lot has happened in the last three months, some good some its probably time we take a look back.

Our OP players have been busy beavers over the season so far. Both the men's and women's premier pennant sides are currently sitting in the top four, after (its probably fair to say) the boys got off to a bit of a shaky start.

The Messiah (aka Pat Caffell) bringing the side to life part way through the first round. Grandpa Gary is leading by example with eight wins two losses one draw with his protégé Pacman in third spot on the skippers ladder with eight wins three losses. The boys are second overall on the ladder and looking to be in a good position for finals.

On the ladies side of things, our three blue side is streaks ahead of the pack, more than two games clear at the top of the ladder. Great jobs ladies!

Outside of the pennant scene, our players have seen plenty of action with Neville Stevens pushing into the 1/4 finals of the State Pairs with his partner from Wanneroo BC, both Caffell brothers getting their hands on more over 60's silverware taking out the triples with their partner from Manning BC and probably the biggest accomplishment our OP boys bringing home a bronze medal from the Australian Championships. Congrats go to Pickers, Lily, Pat and Captain for their efforts over east.

Chopper, Hurricane and Hooter represented OP in the ladies triples at the same event and came away with some great photos :/

When you start writing all this out, there's actually a lot...Shaan and Amanda ran runner-up in the ladies State awesome achievement ...Our boys got runner-up at the Men's Masters Triples at Mossie Park and last weekend OP (with some help from some Mandurah locals) took out the Dudley Park Classic. And there's probably a heap more!

But more recently, we had cause to take stock and be thankful for all that we have around us. The passing of Ros Slavich has hit the bowling community hard. Aptly described as the first lady of bowls, Ros was such a lovely lady who proudly and unashamedly supported her boys Danny, John and Charlie at every chance she got. It was a pleasure to have known her and to see how much joy she got out of the game.

It was great to see the tributes flow over the weekend with flags at half mast, black arm bands, moments of silence and #chairoutforros. It just goes to show you that as competitive as bowls can be and rivalries between clubs over the years, it all means nothing when one of us is in need. A great job to everyone, I'm sure the Slavich family appreciated everyone's words and gestures.

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