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Men's semis all but decided

As promised a quick write up on the mens championship singles so far...

The mens event saw 15 sections compete on the first day with some hum dinger games. Eventual winners of the sectional play were:

  • Ian Bryden

  • Lee Farrell

  • General

  • Strawberry

  • Pacman

  • B Heesom

  • J Nicolatis

  • Reece

  • Pender

  • Cavey

  • Gary

  • Yogi

  • The Meshiah

  • Kingy

  • Dewey

The post sectional play saw General stomp his authority with wins over Lee and Strawberry. General will play the winner of Pacman and Reece in Semi final 1.

In the bottom half of the draw it was big scalp after big scalp. Cavey knocking out Pender and then the great man himself Gary Caffell...who accounted for Yogi in his previous game.

The Meshiah took out Kingy before Dewey put on a show knocking Pat out of contention.

That left us with semi final 2 which sees Cavey take on Dewey.

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